Stainless Steel Welded Mesh Basket - Neat and Hygiene

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh baskets are manufactured with stainless steel, this kind of material has many advantages, like corrosion resist, rust resist, excellent stability, non-poisonous, easy to clean, can hold heavy load, so stainless steel welded wire mesh baskets are widely used in our life, such as baskets for eggs and other kitchen food, baskets for medical field, baskets for laboratory, big baskets for storage in industry, etc. We can meet your request for any size.

Two medium size deep circular stainless steel welded mesh baskets cross on the table.
SSWB-1: Stainless steel welded mesh mainly used in our life for article separate based on different sort.
A small size shallow circular stainless steel welded mesh.
SSWB-2: Stainless steel welded mesh made into small baskets for eggs and other kitchen food.
A small size rectangular stainless steel welded mesh basket, with two flexible handles on the basket.
SSWB-3: Stainless steel welded mesh made into medium baskets used in supermarkets
A big size square stainless steel welded mesh basket on the floor and some folding cartons at the bottom.
SSWB-4: Stainless steel welded mesh made into big baskets used for products storage.
A small size stainless steel welded mesh bicycle basket with two short hooks put on the grassland.
SSWB-5: Stainless steel welded wire mesh serves as bicycle basket can make more convenience for us.
A medium stainless steel welded mesh container with a wooden bottom put on the floor.
SSWB-6: Stainless steel welded mesh make into a container for article storage in warehouse and distribution center.

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