Stainless Steel Welded Mesh Shelving is Clean and Safe

Stainless steel welded wire mesh shelves have a wide application. In our home, because of its rust resistance, hygiene and easy to clean, it can be used as drain rack in kitchen and shelf for showers in bathroom; In supermarkets and warehouse and distribution, it used as the support for commodity and goods storage; In our study or some public place, it can be used for bookshelf for newspaper and magazine. Stainless steel welded wire mesh is durability, longevity, sturdiness, versatility and quickly assemble, so the stainless steel welded mesh shelf will offers a certain place for store documents, articles or as a display shelves for samples, catalogs, etc.

A stainless steel welded mesh grid wall for clothes at the corner, some coats are hung on it, a box put on the horizontal shelf.
SSWS-1: Stainless steel grid panel for clothes or other commodity display.
A three-tier shower shelf made of stainless steel welded mesh stand at the corner, some commodity put on it.
SSWS-2: Stainless steel welded wire mesh used as shower corner storage shelves for towels, soap, shampoo and so on.
A drain rack made of stainless steel welded mesh with some tableware on it, its bottom is stainless steel sheet.
SSWS-3: Stainless steel drain rack for tableware, vegetables and fruits.
A bookshelf made of stainless steel welded mesh stand on the floor, some English magazine put on it.
SSWS-4: Stainless steel shelves for newspaper, documents, books and articles.
Many rows of stainless steel welded mesh decking with two layers in the warehouse.
SSWS-5: Stainless steel welded mesh with good strength can hold heavy weight for goods storage in warehouse and contribution and supermarket.

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